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RESP – Registered Education Savings Plan

An RESP is to education what an RRSP is to retirement. it allows you to build up savings to put toward your child’s post-secondary education. This is the most precious gift you could offer your child: the possibility to pursue the career of their dreams.



  • Start saving early
  • Take advantage of government grants from the moment you enrol
  • Save small amounts on a regular basis


  • Keep up your savings habits
  • Receive generous government grants
  • Grow your savings tax free



  • Fund post-secondary education
  • Help your child succeed
  • Benefit from a flexible solution

How does the RESP work?

Where to START?

Your contributions can help fund the education of your children, as well as that of your grandchildren, your nephews and nieces, or your godchildren, depending on the plan type you choose: individual or family.... Read More

Education saving calculators

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  • Tax Benefits of a RESP

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